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Sound redefined.



At The Gieseler Company, through passion and skill, we have worked hard to craft what are undoubtedly true marvels of sound quality for cost. Utilising fully solid state designs and the latest high quality components, we are confident we are providing the pinnacle of sound quality for the price you pay. We dedicate ourselves to what we see as the most important aspect of any piece of audio equipment.

How it sounds.

Sacrifices have been made to streamline the product into ensuring the most efficient method of producing the best sound quality for you. Our products feature no unused additions such as touch screens or gimmicks, the entirety of our range strives for and achieves the best in sound attainable.

At the end of the day, we believe that you, the consumer, will absolutely agree, for what is the purpose of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a product that fails to deliver actual sound quality? 

And once you hear it, there is no going back.

Shipping is to Australia only.

All products include a two year full parts and labour warranty from purchase date.

All prices include GST.


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