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Kompakt II DAC

Kompakt II DAC



This DAC is available with either a AKM AK4493S  or a Philips TDA1541A DAC chip.

Each one has different style of sound so it is worthwhile doing a little online research to see what you prefer.

AK4493S is a brand new release from AKM & uses their top tier premium Velvet Sound Technology.

TDA1541A is a classic & highly regarded multibit DAC originally released in 1988

It is running in Non Oversampling Mode which is a popular choice for multibit DAC’s.

The input options, power supply sections and output stages are all the same it is just the DAC chips & support circuitry that is different.



  • Fully imported custom Japanese made solid aluminum case. The case is a high quality 2.5mm thick "clam shell" style with fully machined front and back panels with a satin black finish.
  • Dimensions -  160 mm Wide   55 mm High  240 mm Deep.  Shipping weight 2.2 Kilo grams
  • A highly improved multiple on-board power supplies providing excellent isolation from mains power noise. Functionally this improvement is equivalent to running the DAC from a low noise external linear power supply.
  • Very high spec Rybycon PMLCAP acrylic film capacitors used in interstage & output coupling as well as decoupling around the TDA1541A chip.
  • Nichicon premium for audio capacitors.
  • Sample rate - TDA1541A PCM up to 96K via all inputs.
  • Sample rate - AK4493S PCM up to 192K on Coax and USB – up to 96K on Optical.
  •  Outputs XLR balanced and RCA - can both be used in simultaneous mode.
  • Includes Express Post shipping and two year parts and labour warranty.


Contains: Kompakt DAC and EI core multi tap external transformer.


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