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Kraftwerk II Dual

Kraftwerk II Dual




The new power supply from Gieseler Audio has all the features of the Kraftwerk II but in a dual format.

Note new output current option 

The standard version is rated at 3A for both outputs.

There is now an option to increase the current to 5A at 12v  on one output only.


Dimensions:      165mm W  55mm H  220mm D



  • Selectable voltage:   5v, 7v, 9v, and 12v at 3A output with full short circuit and thermal overload protection.
  • Fully imported custom Japanese made solid aluminium case. The case is a high quality 2.5mm thick "clam shell" style with fully machined front and back panels.
  • Automatic preregulation at lower voltage settings to minimise heat and maximise efficiency.
  • Highly efficient active Mosfet based bridge rectifier, removing the spurious EMI noise that a normal bridge rectifier generates and runs cool even to the touch.
  • Large choke filter in a CLC configuration, assisting the main regulator by eliminating commonly occurring sawtooth ripple from the main filter capacitor.
  • Premium Nichicon Gold Tune main filter capacitors & Nichicon Fine Gold series for final filtering.
  • Australian sourced and approved large 6A Altronics external EI core transformer.
  • Note at 5v out 2A continuous use is a the maxium recomended due to thermal disapation but 3A continuous is fine for all other outputs.

Includes Express Post shipping and two year parts and labour warranty.

Contains: Kraftwerk II power supply unit,  external EI core transformer, and  2 x DC cable customised to suit your device.

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