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M19D - Fein DAC II

M19D - Fein DAC II


Note now discontinued as the AKM DAC is no longer avilable

The AKM DAC chips are no longer available so production has been discontinued.
This is a special enhanced version.

All the monolithic regulators have been replaced with a discreet shunt design.

Also the microprocessor & display have seperate internal transformers for power to reduce noise entering the analog circuits.
The M19D, "Fein DAC II" is our new upgraded replacement for the M18D, now featuring an integrated high quality low-noise power supply for a marginal increase in cost.


Serving as our midrange Digitial to Analog Converter (DAC) utilizing the AKM 4493EQ DAC chip, this state of the art chip improves on previous models with both new features and improved performance. The Fein DAC showcases audio filters for DSD playback and features a new low-dispersion filter for PCM playback.


As the new 2019 mainline DAC of Gieseler Audio, we hope you'll enjoy even greater performance at an even lower cost.

Available in either a USB-only variant or a Optical/Coaxial/USB variant.

  • Inputs

    Coaxial (RCA), Optical (Toslink), & USB (B socket)

  • S/PDIF

    Wolfson WM8804. Optical 96KHz max. Coax 192KHz max

  • USB

    USB Amanero Combo 384 running in Asynchronous mode.

  • Input Rate

    PCM - 32bit 384KHz max

    DSD - DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DSD512

  • DAC Processor

    Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation AK4493EQ

  • Output Level

    2.0v RMS - variable in 100 steps via remote control & includes muting.

  • Output Impedance

    600 Ohms.  Fully isolated outputs using Jensen line output transformers.

  • Frequency Response

    20Hz to 20KHz ± 0.15 dB

  • Power Input

    9v AC using a 5.5mm diameter 2.1mm central pin barrel connector.

  • Power Consumption

    6 watts

  • Dimensions

    306mm wide x 230mm deep x 60mm high.

  • Warranty

    2 Years parts and labour, via RTB.

  • Total Capacitance

    40,000 uf

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