The new digital to analogue converter from Gieseler Audio boasts new technology, improved design, quality, and sound.

It is now based on the Wolfson WM8741 DAC chip.


  • Fully imported custom Japanese made solid aluminium case. The case is a high quality 2.5mm thick "clam shell" style with fully machined front and back panels.
  • Brand new S/PDIF section based on a premium AKM digital transceiver chip. Features improved sound fidelity from the chip previously used, as well as flawless digital lock on and auto muting functions to avoid unwanted audio artefacts.
  • A highly improved on-board main power supply utilizing a quality 500mH choke, providing excellent isolation from mains power noise and assists the main regulator by eliminating sawtooth ripple. Functionally this improvement is equivalent to running the DAC from a low noise external linear power supply.
  • Four layer circuit board with full unbroken ground plane, power plane, and the elimination of links/jumpers that were previously required, a significant design improvement.
  • PCM up to 192K via USB & Coax (96K Optical) plus native DSD 64 via the USB input.
  • Direct balanced DAC chip output using high quality Jensen transformers from the USA.

Includes Express Post and two year parts and labour warranty.

Contains: Kompakt DAC and EI core external transformer.