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This was using a  Analogue Devices R2R AD1862 multibit DAC chip. This was a very well rated chip & is still very popoular today. It is operating in oversampling mode using a premium Burr Brown DF1706 digital filter chip.

The front panel switches are for 4x/8x oversampling & slow/fast filter setting.

The sound is different to the AKM Chip used in the original Kompakt.

Please email  me for more info about this.

It is very similar to the NOS version but has a slightly more refined sound due to the digital filter.

For more info check below links and utube review:





Using a top spec but old multibit Analogue Devices premium AD1862 20 bit digital to analogue converter DAC chip.  


  • Fully imported custom Japanese made solid aluminium case. The case is a high quality 2.5mm thick "clam shell" style with fully machined front and back panels.
  • Brand new S/PDIF section based on a premium AKM digital transceiver chip. Features improved sound fidelity from the chip previously used, as well as flawless digital lock on and auto muting functions to avoid unwanted audio artefacts.
  • A highly improved multiple on-board power supplys  providing excellent isolation from mains power noise. Functionally this improvement is equivalent to running the DAC from a low noise external linear power supply.
  • Four layer circuit board with full unbroken ground plane, power plane, and the elimination of links/jumpers that were previously required, a significant design improvement.
  • PCM up to 96K via USB & Coax.
  • Includes Express Post and two year parts and labour warranty.

     Contains: Kompakt DAC and EI core external transformer.

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