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USB Reinigen

USB Reinigen

Update October 2023 - new Streamlined version.

This is a new minimalist design of the original. The technology and basic design remains the same but all the superfluous components are removed. Parts quality remains top notch & only the minimum support circuitry around the Isolating/re-clocking chip is used. Performance is extremely close to the original design with minimum trade offs. 


The USB Reinigen is a new high speed (480 Mbps) USB 2.0 isolator/re-clocker.  The main purpose for this device is to isolate and re-clock USB audio data between a digital source (such as a music server) and a digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) to maximise sound quality. 


Gieseler products are built to a high level of quality, and include a full two year parts and labour warranty. All parts are sourced from reputable suppliers such as Digikey, Element14, Mouser Electronics, and RS Components, to ensure parts meet our quality standards. Every unit is hand built in Australia by an experienced electronics audio technician.


Adding the USB Reinigen between a digital source and DAC is aimed at enhancing the sound quality in terms of separation, vocal body and general minimisation of digital edge or glare. High speed data is re-timed for jitter reduction using a low phase noise Seiko 24.0000 crystal based clock.


Particular attention has been given to the internal power supplies as these are critical for optimal sound quality.  The main power supply uses the same asynchronous rectifier as the Gieseler Kraftwerk II series power supplies. The oscillator/clock uses ultra low noise shunt based regulators with extra pi filtering.


The USB Reinigen also includes a double regulated 1 Amp USB A output connector, which often powers the USB input board on a DAC. The Reinigen provides a quality low noise regulated supply.  This can be very useful when connecting an external CD drive for ripping as not only does the drive receive ‘clean’ power but also the USB data is cleaned up.


Another  benefit from the  USB Reinigen apart from the the re-clocking is the fact that it provides full galvanic isolation between its two USB sockets.

What this means is there is no direct electrical connection between the USB sockets.

This is very beneficial when using  a laptop or streaming device that is powered by a switch mode PSU which most are.

With a switch mode PSU there is usually a small amount of mains leakage current that will flow along (& to) the DAC which will add noise.

By providing full galvanic isolation this leakage current path is broken & the leakage current is removed which is a good thing for audio.


Lots of owner feedback here:



  • Total bidirectional galvanic isolation between in/out connections
  • USB B Input and USB A output
  • High speed 480 Mbps rating
  • Multiple ultra low noise internal power supplies
  • Discrete component design 24.0000MHz low phase noise clock.
  • 1 Amp rated 5v USB A output connection.                                                                                                                            



Dimensions:      165mm W  55mm H  220mm D

Weight :               2KG including plug pack

USB maximum data rate

480 Mbps

Galvanic isolation

Bidirectional USB isolation for up/down stream ports

USB A output power

5v 1 Amp with double linear regulators

Power adaptor

9v AC 2.0 A linear IE core transformer (Australian 240 v)

Power consumption

2.25 W

AC power input socket

5.5mm diameter with 2.1mm centre pin.

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