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Note I will be away from the 11th April until the 23rd of April 2024. You can place orders during this time but I will not be able to fulfill the orders untill I return on the 23rd.


A high quality phono stage that suits moving coil & moving magnet cartridges with lots of user adjustment for fine tuning. Custom adjustments are performed using jumper settings on the PCB. The lid comes off easily to gain access to the various settings which are clearly labelled. This is a little more inconvenient than the usual DIP switches but means reduced internal PCB track lengths and a slightly higher performance. Top priority has been given to the power supplies as this has a huge influence on the sound. The case is a quality all aluminium custom design imported from Japan. The unit is powered by a C ticked Australian approved external transformer with dual 14.8v outputs. This enables a pure linear design with lots of headroom which is very important in a phono stage. All components are top quality including the dual chokes which are sourced from the US. The RCA output connectors are from a large reputed Taiwan manufacturer - solid metal design with Teflon insulation. Resistors are all KOA Speer semi precision metal film and hand matched in critical areas. Main filter and decoupling capacitors are all Nichicon and a combination of KG Gold Tune, KZ Muse and FG Fine Gold series. Phono equalization is performed passively using hand matched polypropylene capacitors & metal foil resistors. In the next few weeks I will do some precision measurements which will be added to the website.


Jumper settings

Gain - 40dB, 46dB, 52dB, 58dB and 64dB

Loading - 100, 200, 475, 1k, 47k & 100k in Ohms

Input capacitance Closed 100pF open 0pf

Bass Cut on or off as per label.


Dimensions:      165mm W  55mm H  220mm D



  • Pure linear PSU design using constant current driven discrete shunt regulators, dual Triad chokes with Nichicon Gold Tune Capacitor filtering.
  • Passive equalization with WIMA FKP 2 Polypropylene capacitors and KOA Speer metal film resistors.
  • PCB Jumper settings for gain, loading, bass cut and input capacitance.
  • Suits both MC and MM cartridges.
  • No internal wiring due to a large single motherboard design.
  • Custom all aluminium precision Japanese clam shell case.
  • Top quality parts used in all areas.
  • Warranty -Two years parts and labour.


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