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The Importance of Power Supplies

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Just a quick bit of info as to why power supplies in audio equipment can have an effect on sound quality.

All my products run from AC & are supplied with an Australian approved external transformer. They sound very good with the supplied transformer & I would normally not recommend changing it.

However recently & just on a whim I tried powering a Gross DAC from my Kraftwerk 12v 4A PSU. Well I was gobsmacked at the improvement in sound quality. How can this be I thought as the internal PSU’s in all my products is usually very well catered for. After a lot of R&D I’ve come to the conclusion that the internal regulators (of say a DAC) are having their job made a lot easier & hence perform even better. Normally the DAC would be fed AC which it rectifies, filters (main caps) & finally regulates (voltage regulators) Well feeding in well regulated DC does a lot of work the internal PSU’s normally do. They do it all again regardless but the final result is even better. I have performed critical before & after tests on the

Klein III, Fein & Gross DAC’s & they all improved in sound quality when powered by my new Kraftwerk 12v 4A PSU.

The new Nichicon Gold Tune Kraftwerk improves things a little more again.

Changes are a slight improvement in bass control. Separation, soundstage & vocal imaging is where the biggest changes are. I’m so confident about this that all my DAC PSU upgrades come with a money back guarantee – if you can’t hear a difference send it back & we will do a full refund.

Note some early model Gross DAC’s are not suitable for this upgrade so check with me first. Also ALL Klein I & Klein II DAC’s are not compatible with this upgrade.

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