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New Enhanced 2024 USB Reinigen


I have been doing a lot of research on USB Isolators/Reclockers and have come to the conclusion that my current Streamlined version could be improved a bit.

The Streamlined version is an excellent performer & great value but by throwing a bit more money into it,

It is certainly possible to pick the game up a bit.

Chip wise I’m very happy with the ADUM 4166  and notice Antipodes Audio also use the same chip in their new high end servers.


Power supplies have a big influence on sound quality so that is the area I have concentrated on upgrading.

So the following is a list of upgrades over the Streamlined version.


1.      Surface mount diodes have been replaced with a top spec IXYS High performance FRED 50A soft recovery bridge rectifier – around $25 a pop!

2.      Main filter capacitance has increased four times from 9400uf to 37,600uf using Elna for Audio capacitors.

3.      Filtering is now CLC using a huge Bourns 4.7mH 2A Inductor.

4.     All regulators have now changed from the previous LP5907 250ma to Analog Devices ADM7150 800ma Ultra low noise, high PSRR RF linear regulators.                                                                                                                                These are absolutely state of the art regulators specifically designed for oscillators and RF usage so perfect for a USB Reclocker. Around $18.50 a pop so way more costly that what is normally used.

5.      The main clock has been redesigned for lower phase noise & located much closer to the ADUM4166 which enhances performance.

6.      Upgraded power supply LCR filtering for the galvanic isolated USB input.


Phew!  So some serious upgrades from a technical point of view.

What does this do sound wise?

The main difference I hear in my setup is improved imaging & richer smoother vocals but without any loss of detail.

Cost  -  it should really be in the $1500 - $1700 range but to kick start it I will be initially listing it for $1250 -  excellent value considering the increase in parts cost.

Availability  -  Now, I have a few in stock & in the process of building more.

Ordering  -  on my website select USB Reinigen then in the variant box select Enhanced.


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