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New fixed output Kraftwerk II variant Power Supply

These are a single fixed output version of the Kraftwerk II and are in a lower profile custom Japanese case.

Due to the huge range of output voltage options I am using a industrial vinyl label printer to label the input

and output sockets.

All the models are basically the same design and have the same technology as the Kraftwerk II series so to be clear all models have;

Active synchronous mosfet bridge rectifiers.

Nichicon Gold Tune main filter capacitors.

Two stage iron core choke pre regulator filtering.

Thermal, short circuit & over load protection.

Two year parts and labour warranty

All hand build & designed by myself.

The main range of output options are;

5v 3.5A 7v 3.5A 9v 3.5A 12v 3.5A 12v 5A 15v 2A 16v 2A 18v 2A & 24v 2A all priced at $600 including delivery.

Then there are the extra high output versions;

12v 7A 15v 4A 16v 4A 19v 4A all priced at $650 including delivery

Note 1. the 5v 7v & 9v variants use a two stage regulator and toroidal choke verses the single regulator and larger choke used in the other models.

Note 2. It is not always optimal for sound quality to choose the highest current variant of the same voltage.

For example the 12v 3.5A would be a better choice for say an EtherRegen than the 12v 5A or 12v 7A

Why? because the lower current version has a higher inductance choke & a lower noise regulator compared to the higher current versions.

It will also be possible to order a custom output voltage anywhere between 5v - 26v.

The current output rating & price will depend on the individual design so please email or private message or email me for more details.

I'm actually a bit late with this release as I have already built & delivered ten units which was the total of the first case order.

I have another batch of cases due on the 23rd of July so I'm happy to take pre orders on these.

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