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Nichicon Gold Tune PSU Variant

The 12v 4A Kraftwerk PSU has proven to be very popular especially with Gross & Klein III owners as it offers a nice upgrade in audio performance.

As you know I am constantly looking at ways to improve things but the 12v 4A Kraftwerk has proven to be a hard act to follow.

Well finally after a lot of R&D I have come up with some slightly improved versions.

1. Nichicon Gold Tune (NGT)

2. Nichicon Gold Tune Enhanced (NGTE)

Now it is not a big audible difference but definitely noticeable with careful listening & is supported by owner field tests.

The enhanced compared to the standard has increased total capacitance & most importantly achieves this using multiple Nichicon Gold Tune capacitors.

These capacitors are especially designed for high quality audio use. I also added a bit more film cap decoupling & some track width/layout changes.

The enhanced variant is pretty special as it has all of the standard NGT improvements as well as a fairly complex noise elimination circuit.

Importantly, this circuit is applied after the regulator & eliminates any minuscule amounts of AC noise that may be present.

It also has the advantage of lowering the output impedance over a very large band width.

The standard NGT is in stock & the enhanced version is about two weeks away (early March 2019) - just waiting on PCB's.


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