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Latest Power Supply update July 2021

Low noise linear power supplies are now a major part of my business so I have recently been putting in a huge effort on new designs and improvements. The previously Hammond cases I have been using looked very DIY & also required a lot of time consuming custom CNC panel work on my side. I have now decided to phase these out & replace them with new high quality custom made aluminum case from Japan. Unfortunately these do cost quite a bit more but it results in a more professional product that I can produce much quicker. Also the front and rear panels are metal versus plastic on the old versions which is a definite improvement for robustness and shielding. You have probably seen the new Kraftwerk II variable out & Dual versions so the next range is a fixed out variant. It has all the enhancements of the Kraftwerk II model but in a lower profile case and in a large range of output options. It is also possible to order a custom output voltage anywhere between 5v to 24v. The output current range is from 3.5 Amp to 6 Amp but is limited depending on the output voltage. All parts are in stock so lead time is just a few days. Cost is $600 across the range except for the for the three very high wattage versions – 12v 6A, 15v 4A & 19v 4A which are $650. The 12v 6A version is ideal for the Lumagen video processors & the 19v 4A perfect for high power NUC’s or Roon Nucleus music servers.

I am also working on an extremely high end power supply based on all film capacitors. This is the ultimate way to filter a power supply but very costly & the large film capacitors take up a lot of space. For the record, a film capacitor is also superior to the popular “Ultra Cap” in a power supply but rarely used due to cost and bulk. It will be a dual choke design which reduces the capacitance required & probably in the same case as the Kraftwerk II Dual. Cost will probably be around $1000 mainly due to huge expense of the large number of film capacitors required. It should sound pretty amazing though due to the enormous high current instant power available from the massive film cap bank.

Stay tuned!


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