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GIESELER AUDIO 2021 mid year news

Hi everyone, I’ve just put together a quick update on how we’re responding to the unfortunate developments in the industry recently and what it means for our DAC range, and as well as some more positive news on our power supply range.

Firstly, as you may have noticed we are in the middle of a severe shortage of certain electronic components resulting from a series of unfortunate disruptions in the world silicon supply chain. Many of the high grade capacitors & regulators we normally use have been hit particularly hard are already in very short supply, and choices for top quality audio DAC chips have become extremely limited as well, as I’m sure many of you have heard about the AKM factory fire which has entirely cut off the AKM DAC chip supply.

Most of the AKM premium DAC chips are now end of line (the EOL means production is ending, preview means they are working on a new model). This includes the AK4493, AK4497 & AK4499 which were the base for our DAC range. Fortunately, there will be a revised variation of the AK4493, which resolve many of our production issues, although no sooner than March 2022.

The good news is we are finally ready to release a R2R NOS variant of the Kompakt DAC in the next few weeks. It will be based on the AD1862 which we understand is extremely highly regarded among R2R DAC chips, is available in large supply, and will form a new permanent option as our first R2R DAC. I will be writing up a full release on it with lots of info soon so stay tuned!

A bit further out, after a lot of searching we have sourced several suitable contemporary alternatives to the AKM chips, which can fill the need until the AKM shortage is resolved, and supplement the range as a new option moving forward. Our current shortlist includes the MUS-IC BD34301EKV DAC chip made by ROHM Semiconductor, which is used in the $17k Luxman D-10X and has been very well received. The BD34301EKY, which at $140 Aud makes it the most expensive DAC chip around, but well worth it if it sounds as good as I expect.

Unfortunately the BD3401EKY is presently also out of stock, although I have secured one chip so we can proceed with a prototype. Hopefully it will be available in production level quantities within a few months when we’re further down the development path, and we can then make a proper determination on if the chip is worth the increase in price it would entail in the end product.

Power supplies are increasingly sought after and we are eager not only to develop new options to cover every system, but also to ensure the series meets a consistently high standard throughout this expanded range. This expansion kicks off with a new set of fixed output Kraftwerk IIs. Performance and specs are similar to the present Kraftwerk II but with a much larger range of output voltage/current options, again while maintaining performance, and utilising a new lower profile custom Japanese-made case.

The range will be 5v/3.5A, 7v/3.5A, 9v/3.5A, 12v/3.5A, 15v/2A, 18v/2A & 24v/2A all priced at $600. The higher output range will be 12v/6A 15v/4A & a NUC version with 19v/4A all priced at $650. It will also be possible to order a custom output version anywhere between 5v to 24v.

Cheers Clay


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