• Clayton

15v 2A PSU Design

This is a brand new design using a Analog Devices fast transient response low noise regulator. It has short circuit & thermal over load protection. It runs from 16v 2.5A external EI core transformer. EI core transformers have much lower bandwidth than the more common toroidal types so are better for digital equipment as they let less mains noise through. The bridge rectifier is a discreet type using very high spec low EMR Schottky diodes. This is followed with a cap, choke, cap, filter arrangement using 20,000 uf which is massive is comparison to most units. There is also a RC snubber network after the bridge rectifier to reduce noise further. The diodes & regulator are thermally coupled to the aluminium case which keeps internal temperatures low. The DC output lead will be custom fitted with the correct barrel plug to suit your device. All parts are of a high quality & sourced through Element 14 or RS Components.

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